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About EIP Concepts - EIP Concepts, Inc.

Who We Are

Everything Is Possible

Tomer Grassiany
Tomer Grassiany
Founder / President
Abe Shaw
Abe Shaw
VP of Marketing &
Business Development
Cristina Avram
Cristina Avram
Senior Developer
Who we are:
Based in Brooklyn, NYC, we are a couple of guys who grew up during the digital revolution, live and breathe all things internet, and we have assembled a fantastic team of developers and designers who love creating top-notch Prestashop ecommerce experiences for our clients, and more importantly, for their customers.

Our philosophy is simple: Everything Is Possible. With decades of combined ecommerce experience, Tomer, Abe, Cristina and the rest of the team have designed, built and managed sites of various size and complexity in industries as varied as beauty, lifestyle, food & beverage and B2B services.

Tomer, a moderator on the Prestashop forums and code-writing guru, founded EIP Concepts, Inc., in 2011, a direct result of his time creating and managing, the premier source for Prestashop modules. He has a background in machine learning and artificial intelligence, and there is little he cannot do with a keyboard and a mouse.

Prior to partnering with Tomer, Abe oversaw the ecommerce departments of several large beauty companies in NYC where he managed the logistics, maintenance, customer service, partnerships, integrations, design, development and all day-to-day operations of the ecommerce properties under his control.

Together, the EIP Concepts team offers a unique, big-picture perspective on the business of online commerce while also understanding the infinite subtleties that can make a good online shopping experience great.
What we do:
We approach the web in much the same way we look at life: Everything Is Possible with the right mix of creativity, ingenuity and dedication. Our goal is to create the best ecommerce experience possible for you and your customers using our expertise in Prestasho's open-source shopping cart, the only ecommerce software we work with. So if you can dream it, we can help you create it.

By understanding your organization's goals, needs, wants, opportunities and challenges, we help plan your digital future. With a strategy in place, the fun begins...

In close collaboration with your internal departments, vendors and stakeholders, our team manages and executes the design and development process from concept through completion. We keep you up to date at every step of the process.

At the end of the day this is a service-oriented business. If you're not happy, we're not happy. That is why you are our focus, from the earliest discussions until well after we complete our work and your site is online. Your success is our success, and we can only achieve great things together. A long and prosperous partnership is our aim.

So how can we help?